Sauteed Vegetables

Just bought some vegetables you want to sauté into a tasty dish but want to make sure you got the technique down? Check out this video and look down below for a step-by-step on how: Wash and cut up your produce. Thinly coat a shallow pan in olive oil and set over a heated stovetop. Throw…

Roasted Vegetables

Fresh Moves offers a lot of produce that you can roast at home. See this short video on how!


Make a fresh coleslaw with our produce by grating some fruits and vegetables! Here’s a step-by-step below: Take any arrangement of produce you would like, such as cabbage, apples, parsley and carrots. Use a grater to shred the produce into a big bowl. Mix them all together, and add either lemon dressing or mayonnaise, depending on…

Winter Produce

Check out our winter produce on the bus! Our collard greens and winter squash have more health benefits than you might think. Be sure to grab some!