Fresh Moves Mobile Market is Growing Power Chicago’s CTA bus repurposed as a mobile produce market. Bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to communities on the South & West sides of Chicago.

Hop on Board and Shop for Fresh Fruits and Veggies!

About Fresh Moves Mobile Market

Growing Power uses converted city and CTA buses as mobile farmers’ markets.‘The farmers’ market on wheels’ works toward closing the ‘food access’ gap. Customers board the bus and fill their bags with delicious local produce: fruit and vegetables, as well as Growing Power products, and grocery items.  Produce is priced to be affordable for all and fair return for the farmers. We offer the “Double Value” program that provides a 50% reduction in price for SNAP customers,  as well as for Seniors and WIC customers who are using their ‘Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupons’.  Coming soon we’ll be offering prepared salads, sandwiches and smoothies onboard.  


“Farm to City-Fresh Moves in the Neighborhood” program impacts Chicago by:

  • nearly doubling the total amount of farmers’ markets operating across the city;
  • increasing the farmers’ markets in low income neighborhoods by over 400%;
  • creating a model for linking good food, health information, and community;
  • supporting households’ healthy eating; and supporting community-based health and economic development efforts

By working with community partners and providing educational outreach, we believe that the project supports informed dietary choices, and builds community relationships.  Fresh Moves has the renewed opportunity to support access to consistent good food,  and healthy living information to our communities.

Fresh Moves is a great way to provide instant access to great food that is affordable. It can serve as a springboard to other wellness and healthy living initiatives community organizations and businesses  may be leading.