Local Vegetables

Did you know that during growing season, 90% of what we sell on our Fresh Moves buses is from our farms here in Chicago? We support local agriculture in and around the Chicagoland area.

Fresh Moves in the Loop

Did you know that we have a farm at Grant Park? This spring Fresh Moves is going to be in the Loop on Friday’s. Come by and support your local farmers and organization! (Maybe link the Fresh Moves schedule?)  

CTA and Fresh Moves

The CTA is a proud supporter of Growing Power. Fresh Moves decommissions CTA buses into mobile food markets. We make weekly stops at CTA garages!  

Sauteed Vegetables

Just bought some vegetables you want to sauté into a tasty dish but want to make sure you got the technique down? Check out this video and look down below for a step-by-step on how: Wash and cut up your produce. Thinly coat a shallow pan in olive oil and set over a heated stovetop. Throw…

Roasted Vegetables

Fresh Moves offers a lot of produce that you can roast at home. See this short video on how!


Make a fresh coleslaw with our produce by grating some fruits and vegetables! Here’s a step-by-step below: Take any arrangement of produce you would like, such as cabbage, apples, parsley and carrots. Use a grater to shred the produce into a big bowl. Mix them all together, and add either lemon dressing or mayonnaise, depending on…

Winter Produce

Check out our winter produce on the bus! Our collard greens and winter squash have more health benefits than you might think. Be sure to grab some!    

Baking with local ingredients

Just bought some fresh carrots but are craving something sweet? Check out the recipe below to make a carrot cake with your produce: Inspired Taste – Carrot Cake Recipe Carrot Cake Video Tutorial  

Peppers and Tomatos

Did you know that tomatoes and peppers are a great source of Vitamin C? Did you know that tomatoes can keep your heart and skin healthy, while peppers can help fight cancer? Come by our bus and grab some fresh peppers and tomatoes, great for your health!  

Fresh Veggies

We have new vegetables on the bus every week! See below for a list on what we have in store this week.  

Growing Power at farmers market

You can also find Growing Power at your local farmers market! (Note which farmers markets). We sell produce from our farms around the city, as well as products from our hardworking Youth Corps, pictured below. For more information about our Youth Corps, click the link under the photos. Youth Crafted Products

Packed bus at CTA

We have a lot of support in our weekly stops at the CTA garages. Pictured above is a packed bus of people eager to support the Good Food Revolution!    

Meals with fresh vegetables

With the options Fresh Moves offers, you can make a meal out of our produce. For example, you can make a pasta meal with all Growing Power products! Cook up some of your FREE box of Barilla Pasta you get from spending $5 or more, and use our fresh tomatoes to make pasta sauce. Top with parsley…